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Devon and Cornwall hotels, days out, tourist information, restaurants, books, videos, webcams and more. The web contains a wealth of information on everything that Devon and Cornwall has to offer. Simply Devon and Cornwall aims to bring this information together in one convenient place, and to offer an insider's view on some of the best bits.  We have great ideas for days out in Devon and Cornwall.  Links to webcams to give you a live window on Devon and Cornwall wherever you are.  Hotels in Devon. Hotels in Cornwall.  Restaurants, attractions, and links galore.  This is a mainly non-commercial site.  We do this because we love Devon and Cornwall, and hope you will too!
Days out in Devon and Cornwall
Devon and Cornwall has enough great days out to last a lifetime.  From iconic, world-class attractions like the Eden Project, to the timeless pleasures of fishing for crabs on the harbour wall in Looe. Visit our Days Out page for inspiration. You will not be disappointed as there are many activities for you.

Hotels in Devon and Cornwall
If you're looking for a hotel in Devon and Cornwall - you're spoiled for choice.  From luxury resort hotels to welcoming country house hideaways.  And of course bed and breakfast, farmhouse accommodation and traditional pubs.  For instant on-line bookings at hotels of every sort to suit anyone's requirements, visit our hotels page.

Restaurants in Devon and Cornwall
We have a wealth of restaurants in Devon and Cornwall to whet your appetite. from simple affairs to world-class dining at Rick Stein's famous Seafood Restaurant in Padstow that serves the best dishes that you have ever tasted.  Visit our Restaurants page.

Information on Devon and Cornwall
Find out more about Devon and Cornwall, from basic facts and figures to a wealth of useful information to help plan your trip to Devon and Cornwall.  Tourist information, maps, guides, useful links and more.  Visit our Information page.
Our mission:
Simply Devon and Cornwall is a mainly non-commercial website, brought to you by people who know Devon and Cornwall, and who live here and do business here.  Where, for example, we make comments on hotels, or provide suggestions for days out, this is based on personal experience or a recommendation from somebody we know well.  We do earn a small commission on some of the services such as hotels which you may purchase via our site. But our main reason for running this site is that we would like you to share in our enjoyment of Devon and Cornwall.  Please enjoy our site, and let us know what you think by contacting us .

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Devon and Cornwall Webcams
As a second-best to visiting Devon and Cornwall for real, take a "virtual" trip by visiting one of the many webcams offering live images of Devon and Cornwall.  A fascinating insight from the comfort of your own home.  Visit our Webcams page.

Devon and Cornwall Photos
We have a growing selection of photos taken around Devon and Cornwall which we hope you will enjoy. Visit our Devon and Cornwall photo gallery.